A simple to use, diesel powered, portable pressure washer giving a stand alone cleaning solution.

Great for cleaning buildings, paving, vehicles, plant and machinery.

Can also be hired with one of our John Deere gators.

Power Washer Hire

The Brendon bowserwasher is a versatile power washer with many domestic and commercial uses from the marine industry through to the local council cleaning a bus shelter.

Its powerful roto-jet will degrease garage floors, industrial kitchens and machinery as well as clean leisure vehicles, cars, motorcycles, boats, swimming pools, mossy paving, driveways, walls and buildings.

Our dedicated team ensure that all our equipment is well maintained and meets the standards required to guarantee reliability and safety.

  • Pressure Washing
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning
  • Wheel Washing
  • Surface Preparation
  • Farm Equipment Jetting
Key Features
The Brendon Power Washer BBW30KLN is manufactured in Britain and includes the following:
  • Baffled 940 Ltr Water Tank
  • 15 Ltr Anti-Freeze Tank
  • 28 Ltr Chemical Tank
  • Robust Tubular Chassis
  • Rear Protection Bar
  • Complies with Highway Regulations
  • Certificated Lifting Points
  • Optional: Rear-Forklift Points
  • EC Type Approved Trailer (2007/46/EC)